Bryce Dallas Howard “Started Bawling” As She Made Her Return To The Jurassic World Franchise

Jurassic World was a surprisingly, and refreshingly, great spin-off in a century that has so far been filled with rather poorly done re-hashings of old classics. Fans and critiques alike were pleasantly surprised by just how excellently the Jurassic World movie franchise has been able to revive the fantastic, surreal Jurassic Park movies of the past.

And, it's not just fans who are feeling overwhelmed by excitement for the latest installment. Bryce Dallas Howard, known for her primary role as Claire, admitted that she began bawling as she pulled into the oceanside rental reserved for her in Hawaii, the place she'd be staying as she continued walked onto the set of Jurassic World once again.

At 37-years-old, Bryce Dallas Howard admits that she's a bit harder to shake up emotionally but that the realization that she was returning to the critically acclaimed movie franchise brought her to happy sobs.  

“I started bawling! The first film was such an extraordinary experience, something you don’t think is going to happen again, and then it does. Coming back was surreal. I was weeping!”

Of course, her tears were strictly weeped off screen. In the new movie, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Bryce Dallas Howard revives her role as the unapologetic Claire who (yet again) teams up with Owen (Chris Pratt) to save the great dinosaurs who are now threatened by a natural catastrophe.

In her personal life, however, Bryce Dallas Howard is a mom just like many women. The proud mother to two children, Theo (aged 11) and Beatrice (aged 6), she's also long-time wife to her actor husband, Seth Gabel. Despite having all of that on her plate, though, she still managed to go on screen with a blazing personality and take viewers on a wild ride.

She shared some details about the movie and her beloved character with US Magazine, explaining that her character now realizes she had been on the wrong side of history. 

"I love that she can make mistakes, admit to them and then pivot. Now she wants the dinosaurs to have the same rights as any other endangered species. She’ll do whatever it takes to accomplish that, which means finding Owen."

As far as the on screen relationship status between Claire and Owen, Claire says it's still unresolved. She says they broke up in the last film, but with this bringing them together again, their characters may very well still be teasing at a romance, which is admittedly a crucial part to just about every movie these days.

When asked if Chris Pratt, who plays Owen, is just as serious off-screen, Bryce Dallas Howard laughed to explain that the set is super fun and giggly. "These movies capture the spirit of being in your backyard, acting as if you’re running from dinosaurs." 

She hinted that this is one of the primary reasons why she was so excited to return to the set and film another installment in the movie franchise. And with it being such a fun working environment, who wouldn't? In fact, this is something that all cast members share delight in. Every one who has worked on the movie has only come forward to say positive things about the filming environment and everyone involved.

Critiques would agree that this also reflects upon the on-screen performances. After all, happy actors are much more likely to show up on time, remember their lines, and really put their all into becoming one with their characters. All of that contributes to making a fantastic movie, and Bryce Dallas Howard would whole-heartedly agree with that statement.

She said that, while everyone is having a fantastic time, they're also really focused on what needs to be done that day. She said it's a stress free environment because everyone is laid back, no one takes anything too seriously, but they all commit to doing their part to contribute to a stunning final picture--and they've definitely accomplished that goal.

In her interviews about this installment into the franchise, Bryce Dallas Howard also admitted her excitement about Jeff Goldblum returning as Dr. Ian Malcolm

"He’s such a good character. In a way, it really breathes life into the franchise because it brings it back to the beginning, to the people and perspectives that started it all."

She also touched on the controversial heels that her character wore in her previous performance. Claire explained, "she was going to the office and then — surprise! — it was actually the jungle. Now she’s prepared. But I kept being, like, I’d like some stilettos, please!”

Bryce Dallas Howard also took the time to speak about her family and what they think of the film. She said her daughter was just a tyke when the first installment came out so she hasn't seen it yet, but she said her son, Theo, absolutely loves the franchise. He even has Jurassic World sheets in his bedroom which she described as a flattering gesture and something she sees as encouragement to continue working with the franchise for as long as she is welcomed to. 

Her children even visited her on set multiple times throughout filming, saying: "They were so thrilled to be back! It felt like vacation. Every day, my son is like, Alexa, what’s the temperature in Honolulu?”

All in all, Bryce Dallas Howard makes it sound like this certainly won't be the last people are seeing of Claire and, more than likely, there are many more installments to be added to the franchise considering its raging success so far. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom literally just hit theaters on June 22, so if you haven't had the chance to see it yet: grab your seat before spoilers start pouring out!